Month: January 2011

Karismatik Katolik 101

Apa itu karismatik? Karismatik berasal dari kata ‘Charismata’ dari bahasa Latin, yang artinya ‘Karunia-karunia Roh Kudus’. Orang-orang yang menyatakan dirinya karismatik, adalah orang-orang yang hidupnya dipimpin oleh Kuasa Roh Kudus (Roma 8:14). Selain itu, Karunia-Karunia Roh Kudus dan buah-buahnya (Galatia 5:17) juga lebih hidup didalam diri mereka. Terdapat banyak sekali Karunia-Karunia Roh Kudus.

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Happy New Year! It’s 2011. I would like to thanks GOD for His blessing through last year. Thanks for my family, thanks for the time we shared together, thanks for my parents guidance and living they gave Thanks for the love You give every single day, thanks for the Sacraments I’ve grown in Thanks for my community, PDKM St. Alfonsus, thanks for the retreat too Thanks for the retreat at Lembah Karmel and also the Christmas at Karmel Thanks for my Computer Science study, thanks for the university life, thanks for the good GPA, thanks for the scholarship, thanks for the ICPC (programming competition) Thanks for this Portege (my new laptop) Thanks for the trips to Bali, Singapore and Guangzhou Thanks for the money I earned through teaching lessons Thanks for new friends I meet this year Thanks for the TLC (True Love Celebration) events and the TOB(Theology of the Body) insight through books and readings I read Thanks for the inspiration so that I could wrote articles for this blog Thanks for the joy and tears, for Your grace, help, protection and each day’s blessings.

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