Month: May 2011

Marriage That Saves Life

There was Tobias, on his wedding day. No reason for him not to be afraid. His bride, Sarah, was convinced by everyone that she is cursed. She had married seven men but through the work of the demon Asmodeus, each man died on their wedding night before consummating the marriage. However, God, through the Archangel Raphael, told Tobias not to be afraid to take Sarah as his bride.

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Beatification of John Paul 2

On May 1st 2011, John Paul 2 will become a ‘Blessed’. Blessed or Beato is a title given before a servant of God canonized as ‘Saint’. The world has been waiting for this and the world is definitely excited for this! The Canonization Cause (Beatification) John Paul 2 was a Pope. But he is not processed (beatification process) because of his papacy.

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