Month: September 2011

Team 2011-2014

This is the team members of St. Alphonsus Youth Charismatics Prayer Group Coordinator : Flaviana Devi Natalia Co-Coordinator I (Operational) : Francisca Monica Co-Coordinator II : Klemens Martinus Sugiono Secretary and Treasurer : Anastasia Chintya Setiawan Public Relation : Theodorus Ivan Santoso Prayer Division :  – Clementina Julia – Wimona Angela Nathania – Stephanie Karlinda Program Division :  – Gisella Indri – Corinna Aldora Support and Equipment Division : – Andriyanto Siswanto – Aloysius Shiendy – Theodorus Ivan Santoso – Martana Soenarto – Denny Finance Division :  – Franciska Dwi Oktaviani – Novianty – Bernadette Siska Harlio Communication and Media Division :  – Wirya Tjen – Hadi Sutjipto – Kresensia Vita Hadinata – Albertus Ryan Dratama Music and Worship Division :  – Anastasia Angelina Junia – Regina – Antonius Sukito Social and Charity Division : – Veronika Chinta Setiawan – Tiffany Mayliana Creative Ministry Division : – Lina Willy Nong Salim Cell Group Division : – Maria Theresia Oktavia Hospitality and Kinship Division : – Sherly – Jessica Soraya

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Paid or Unpaid?

I am having my internship now. I suppose to take it in my sixth semester but I take one step ahead and have the internship in my fifth semester. In the interview, the interviewer, the manager, asked me, “What’s your motivation to apply this job?” And I answered him, “To gain some working experience.” And it’s never been told or said whether this is a paid or unpaid internship.

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