Month: December 2011

My 2011 Christmas Reflection

Nothing special on this Christmas. I mean, like the years before this, there’s no any celebration beside the most supreme celebration: Holy Mass. But surely I have something new this Christmas. All the scripture readings never failed to inspire me for a new insight, especially on this Christmas.┬áReading the same readings every year might seems boring, but with the guide of Holy Spirit, everything is always new!

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Living Like A Saint

Things that going on lately is suck. Several friends are getting annoying and disturbing. My personal temperaments are choleric, perfectionist, idealist. Therefore a lot of things are looked so imperfect in my eyes and I can give a lots of comments and repairs for them. But as I follow my inner desire to start mocking, to start quipping on those imperfects and annoys, the more hatred I put in my heart.

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