Month: April 2012


a) Apa itu liturgi? Secara etimologi, liturgi berasal dari kata ‘leiturgia’ dalam bahasa Yunani yang artinya pelayanan umum (public work, service), dalam tradisi Katolik liturgi berarti pekerjaan Tuhan (work of God). Liturgi adalah bentuk penyembahan kepada Tuhan yang dilakukan oleh Gereja. Liturgi bukan lah suatu persekutuan, acara atau kegiatan belaka. Liturgi bukan lah pula suatu ide yang diciptakan manusia.

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Be In The Right Place

The church is not far from my house. It’s just 5-minute walk to get there. So, I go to this parish and belong to this parish. The other parishes are not too far, but we have to get there by car or by public vehicle. Due to the terrible traffic jam in my city and my tight busy schedule, I rarely go to other parish beside my local parish.

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Younger Fellows

I didn’t know how, but everyone around me was older than me. I used to become the youngest in every group I was: in prayer group, in youth ministry team, in the writers group and many others. Past these months, I interact a lot with younger friends. They are around¬†1-5 years ¬†younger than me. They are my cell group fellows, my friends in prayer group my friends in my workplace and in campus.

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