Monica Shares | My Simple Happiness
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My Simple Happiness

My happiness is simple.

I feel so happy when I go to my favorite place, the Cathedral Church to have Mass. Wearing my favorite Eucharist t-shirt, baggy jeans with my favorite orange bag.

I feel so happy to go to Mass alone by Bajaj, seeing left and right, enjoying Jakarta in the afternoon with its daily traffic.

I feel so happy standing in front of the Mary Cave and praying through the intercession of Mother Mary.

I feel so happy sitting in the front row of the Church. Alone. Without wanting anyone else to sit beside me.

I feel so happy to give my best smile to the unknown people around me.

I feel so happy when I receive the Communion, knowing that the Almighty God is united with me in this Simple Little Bread.

I feel so happy that I thank God for everything happens to my life. Whether it goes as I wish or not.

I feel so happy to know that I am loved and blessed.

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