Monica Shares | Year of Mercy
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Year of Mercy

Today, Catholic Church starts the year-long Jubilee of Mercy. It’s a celebration of God’s original character : merciful. Mercy is one of the graces, it’s given to us, whether we asked for it or not, and although we don’t deserve it. Mercy is not limited to certain groups only, it’s widely opened for anyone. It’s for saints and also for sinners. It’s for those who are close and also those who are away from Him.

God gives mercy, does He look for something in return? No. Mercy doesn’t ask for anything. We are not required to return anything to the Giver. Moreover, mercy doesn’t ask to be accepted. This free mercy is limitless and always available, ready to be picked up by anyone, who is humble enough to take it, who is moved to embrace it, who is inspired by the unwavering love.

Mercy is a wildcard. It’s an enabler.
By accepting Mercy, we are powered.
We are forgiven from our sins, we are powered to be new creation.
We are freed from our bondage, we are powered to choose.
We are healed from hurts, we are powered to forgive.
We are inspired, we are power to make a better decision.

Personalized Year of Mercy
In this year of mercy, I personally, would accept it as a chance to focus on purity. This has become a season in which I am powered to fully embrace the calling to be pure women in Him. A confirming call to throw myself to His Merciful Hand, to be accepted, to be forgiven, to be cleansed, and powered to live a chaste life.

So that with mercy, I am enabled to forgive those who hurt and use me in the past. With mercy, I am powered to take out the root of negativity and bitterness which I don’t realized but planted in me.
Mercy is given to me, I own it as my source of power, to live a chaste life.

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