Exchanging Hearts - Monica Shares
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Exchanging Hearts

There was I standing in front of Him, the Prince of my heart, Jesus. He is the One Who won my heart. The more I get closer to Him, the more I want to be united with Him.

Just two of us, suddenly He knelt down. He put up His hand in front of me with a magical pink crystal-clear heart. He was giving His heart to me. It’s quiet big in size, almost three fourth of my body width if I roughly measured. Being critical, I asked Him, “Why are You giving Your Heart to me?” He quickly responded while pointing to my chest, “Because it fits yours.” And I saw the image of heart-shaped hole on my chest. It’s quiet big, almost covers the whole of my front chest. And His presented heart slowly flew close to my body and tighten fitly into the hole on my body. He said, “See, it fits.” Yes, it perfectly fits just like Cinderella and her shoe.

Amazed and mesmerized that His beautiful heart fits me, I was tearfully happy but also unease. I said to Him, “I… I also have something for you, Jesus.” He looked at me and waited for me to continue, “It is my heart. But it’s small and ugly.” I held my tiny heart behind me, feeling so embarrassed that it’s so so ugly and far from  the beauty like His heart. He said, “Just give it to me.” Slowly I brought it to the front, and showed it to Him. “This is mine, Jesus. It’s small and it’s bruised.” Yes, it’s pink color is marked with black stitches all over the surface. It looked still beating but dying as well. I was so sad that what I can give is not a present-able gift for Him.

He responded me quick while pointing on His chest. “Ah! Yours will fit mine as well!” Confused, I looked carefully to notice the hole on His chest. I saw it, it’s very small heart-shaped hole compared to His wide chest. It’s blurred and hard to find because wounds and stitches cover all over His body. Then He took my heart and put it on His. “See. It’s perfect!” Yes, it’s perfectly fit the size and matches the bruised tone of His body.


— An imagination during the Holy Communion in Mass this morning.