A Flower On Valentine's Day - Monica Shares
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A Flower On Valentine’s Day

After having Mass that Sunday morning, I went to buy some morning snack passing through a group of girls who were selling flower, collecting donation. I walked pass through them and went directly to the snack stall. Suddenly those young girls came to my stall where I was standing and spoke to me, showing their donation pamphlet and explained to me the purpose of their mission that morning. I asked them which community they are from. They are psychology university students who were raising money to send donation to remote area in Java Island. Holding the changed money from the snack I bought, I handed them the money and told them that I would just donated and not going to take any flower in return from them. But the girl who explained more to me said that I still can have the flower. I refused. She insisted that she gave me the flower anyway. And I said alright. She gave me the white one. My Mom who was there also requested the pink one. And she gave me the pink flower. Then we went our separate way. I went to my car to go back home. Then suddenly I realized that it was the Valentine’s Day. Oh wow. Being single on Valentine’s Day, not expecting any gift from anyone, definitely not expecting flower, but taadaa, I got a flower. Not being sentimental nor just cheering myself up, but this flower is special. It taught me a simple but strong message : we receive when we give.

Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will keep it. – Luke 17:33