Working Abroad Experiences - Monica Shares
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Working Abroad Experiences

It has never come to my mind that a wish, which I have forgotten, is coming true in my life. During my high school and university days, I was so eager to study or to work abroad. I have never interested in something which is in my local city or country. All I imagined was to work abroad, build life abroad, then build family abroad. I was so curious to live independently without my parents. Until I graduated from university and failed to be accepted in company abroad, I worked in the same city again.

So I started to build life here in Jakarta. I engage in local Catholic community, I learn to understand the Indonesian stock market and exposed to more local issues, I sign up in gym, I commit myself to be a part of my Parish’s Service, I have made so much new friendships and close bonding with some friends, I meet many new people whom can be grouped as business network. I have made so much commitments here. I can say that I have built my life in Jakarta this past 3 years after uni. I realized if I moved abroad now, I have to built all those things from big zero again in the new place. And sadly and cruelly I have to break my commitments I have engaged here. Well, I think I am still able to humbly apologize that I should break all my commitments to the parties which I have committed to, though hard. But to build again what I have built, hmmm, It will be hard now.

Then the path that brings me to experience working abroad has come. I was put in a Malaysia project from my company. Last month, I had my first business trip, which I have been waited for. Yeah, finally that day comes. Well, this day came when I already forget my dream to work abroad, when I have so settled and so sure to be in Jakarta. To be put in long time abroad is something I would not like to have now. But thanks to God that I am working remotely for this Malaysia project and I only visited Kuala Lumpur for few days.

The days abroad are as what I have expected. I enjoy the traveling part, visiting new city, flying solo, meeting new unexpected people different as your tribe. But the work? The work is hard. Project is messy. Partner is tired and stuck. Client’s expectation is high. I, An Indonesian young lady who looks like university student, come alone as problem solver. People’s expectation is high on you. You bring so much responsibilities on your shoulder yet being underestimated from those older people who work with you. All in your mind is to finish the work and go home.

Despite of the airport – office – hotel only to visit, I steal some time to go on good food, eat something I can’t get in Jakarta. My traveler spirit can’t bear to explore this new area. Exploring new place alone? Well, thanks God I am the kind of person that could enjoy solitude. True to admit that the exploration surely greater if done with our beloved.  The solo life I have tried to enjoy is nothing to compare when I finally meet some Indonesians who work there also. I have never known them, but our works cross a line. They picked me up for lunch on my last day of visit and I felt so much relieved to see fellow Indonesians, speak in Bahasa and talk about Indonesian life. I realize then, companion from other people is one thing that brings value to our life and friendship and love is a treasure that keeps you alive.

One satisfaction I could get is finally I can challenge myself. I test my ability to work with non-Indonesian people. And I could score myself with an A, no matter what the client or partner might say. I am satisfied with myself. I manage to communicate well with the foreigners there, I manage to overcome the issues, I manage to be strong under pressure, I manage to take care of myself alone there.

I don’t know what’s next in my career life, whether I will visit KL again or not, or how much longer I will go to KL in the future, or whether I could live abroad or not. One thing I am sure is Jakarta is my home. To build life again from zero is possible, but it’s a big challenge. God has revealed to me much more challenges of my younger days’ dream. And one more thing, God truly answers our prayer and makes our wishes come true, come true at the best season of your heart’s disposition towards your wish.