The Price of Sorry - Monica Shares
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The Price of Sorry

It was all started when we had a retreat in our community. In the spirit of Year of Mercy, we were encourage to apologize the people with whom we had done offenses, and to forgive those we had put grudge, hatred, anything.

Then I found 2 contrast of saying sorry.

First one is the expensive sorry. It’s so expensive that it is being kept all the time. It needs to be begged first, so that the words “Sorry, I did wrong.” was said. This expensive sorry might come from the person who is rarely or not used to to say sorry. It could also be a root of passivity that assumes, “It’s OK not to say it, he/she looks OK, right?” It might be an inherited behavior of the of the silenced Adam.

The second one is the cheap sorry. Sometimes it’s added with tears and hugs. Somehow it’s cheap, that it’s easily forgotten. Few days forward, the hurtful words come again, the offensive act is done again that it makes us want to question, “Hey, did you remember what you said in your tears, huh?

Well, that’s what we could experience living in a community and in close bond to our friends. Offenses and disappointments are inevitable. What I am trying to emphasize and what I have come to learn is one thing, to mean our sorry. In this Year of Mercy, let’s do a meaningful confession. Let our sorry be direct and clear. Let our sorry be true, embodied from the change of attitude and feeling towards each other.

Not just in the terms of reconciling our relationships, but also when we ask pardon from God in the confession box. God is so generous in forgiving. He forgives before we ask forgiveness to Him. He is willing to forgive us again and again and again. Yet His generosity is not to be wasted. Let’s mean our Sacrament of Reconciliation, by trying to keep our promise as in the act of contrition prayer that we said, which is to do better and to avoid the occasions of sin.