All Saints Day 2016 : "RUN!" - Monica Shares
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All Saints Day 2016 : “RUN!”

All Saints Day has been like an ‘obligation’ day to have Mass for me year by year. This year, I have a chance to have the Mass at my favorite parish nearby my house, St. Don Bosco Parish. St. Bosco has taken a place in my heart. So, in some ways, ‘his parish’ is a special parish for me.

I still can recall the fragance of holiness of a Saint’s relic that visited this parish. Yes, in 2011, St. Don Bosco first class relic came to Indonesia and was put in this parish. It was a 3 or 4 days event. I remember I visited this parish every day to see the wax relic of St. Don Bosco in a coffin, inside which it has his real urn. There was also an exhibition about St. John Bosco. From there, I learnt a lot about Father Bosco and his dream. Foremostly, I came to pray. And my only wish was asking Father Bosco to help me to become a saint. (Read my complete article about this here) And looks like it’s true that Father Bosco is praying for me. Until today, on the solemnity of All Saints, I still come to celebrate.

Then, another story in this parish. I remember those days in 2013, when I was at the lowest moment in my life, I joined a course in this parish. Before attending each course every week, I took a little time to pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament put on the altar after Mass. I remember how I wrestled in prayer that time. I shed many tears of sadness and tears of being loved and renewed. He was there for me when I looked for Him. Now, 2016, when I feel so abundantly blessed in my life, I come to Him in front of the same altar. And He is still there for me, just the way He did several years ago. Through the years, I am still with Him and He is still with me, walking together in my journey towards holiness.

Today, in the Mass, reflecting on those memories I have here, I feel so much consoled and loved. And I hear His voice saying, “Run! Run quickly to Me. Run hard for the holiness.” And in my prayer imagination, I can see the all saints are running towards Him, the Source of Light. The Saints are those who run hard to Him. And those who walk become weary and reluctantly reached Him.

So, I come to Him once again with all my heart in the Eucharist, giving my heart and my whole life to be united with Him. I asked Him about how to run to Him. He then reminds me of the Saints and all the inspiring people I meet in my life, they all do the same thing : to let God to use them, to let God to work through them. So, I declare again my old prayer, “I wanna be a saint, Lord.” And through thick and thin of this journey, my prayer will always be the same, “Lord, I am Yours.