Monica's Driving Lesson - Monica Shares
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Monica’s Driving Lesson

I took a driving lesson here in Sydney. I am aiming for the full (non-restricted) licence to drive in New South Wales. I have got my L licence and with the past driving experience in overseas, I could take a shortcut to full licence right away. I had the lesson with Tony, a Chinese uncle who is definitely older than 60 years old. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning but it turned out so good! I would really recommend him to everyone who wants to take driving lesson in Sydney.

In the lesson, we only went around my area, Eastern Suburb. There are numbers of roundabouts and intersection which are already been tricky by themselves. With his direction, I drove around and we stopped to review after a few laps. There are always new things for me to understand from each laps that we did. He also discovered some bad habits that I have been doing while I was driving.

In every review pause, he would say something like this to me, “Remember when you merged into the lane you didn’t check the blind spot.” or “You put the signal too short.” In the spirit of learning, I would said, “Yea, I missed it.” Until almost the end of the session, I could tell him, “Oh, I forget to check this and that.” We observed together what I have done before and whether it was right or wrong. I tried not to repeat the same mistakes and truly be mindful to correct my bad habits in driving.

To me, every laps and its pause feels like the time to examine. We stopped and pointed out what he found not right from me. Also, I willingly admit when what I did was wrong because I want to pass the real test. That’s the main purpose. I am open to be corrected and admin my mistakes.

As for the spiritual life, this concept of taking pause and examine is so familiar to me. It is the same idea of why we have the examination of conscience. In this context, the purpose is to achieve the greatest goodness, which is God and eternity with Him, or you might want to call it as holiness.

We drive through our daily life and make mistakes here and there. The rule is the nature of life which our Creator has planned from the beginning. The guide is the mother Church which wants to help us to pass the test of life and get into Heaven. To score better, it is suggested to take a pause to review our life and examine it. Besides the Reco (Confessions) that is provided by the Church, we could also do the daily examen excercise. It is the best way to prayerfully reflect on our life. So, from one pause to another pause we would drive our life better and better.